"The thought is quick, the body is light, the eye is clear and the technique is intense."

Gogen Yamaguchi

Characteristics of Gojuryu Karate-do

Goju-ryu's origin is in the southern part of China where people use boats for their transportation. We can't miss this point when we come to think about its characteristics. Southern people, who knew very much about boats, were good at standing firmly even in an unstable boat and their standing posture became Sanchin-dachi. Their soles never left a boat and they slide their feet to move. Their Waza seemed as if coming out from the ground because of this sliding movement.

Along with the original breathing, "Kisoku no Donto", the curved movement which is based on a circle makes a reaction called Muchimi. Kisoku no Donto is a breathing method controlling abdominal breathing and training our body from inside. We practice this breathing method by doing Kihonkata, Sanchin and Tensho. There are two kinds of Ibuki; one is Yo Ibuki and the other is In Ibuki. Yo Ibuki is utilized as a training method and its breathing way is very clear. In Ibuki is utilized at the moment of actual fighting and one's breath is calm and held in.

One training method aims at completing Muchimi by using Kotekitae, which is a kind of Kakie and Kake. This training method is suitable for learning flexible movements to control your opponent, diminishing the shock of impact, mounting a counterattack and being aware of changing the power of strength, counteractions of the strength and using Ki. Goju-ryu's aim is not only to improve strength and techniques but also to improve the will power and spirit. Aim at building character and at pursuit of being strong along with nurturing kindness, dignity and thoughtfulness. The founder Chojun Miyagi Sensei said " Don't be struck by others, don't strike others and avoid trouble" and its spirit was seeking for peace and tranquility.